Applied Analytics ™ [AAI] é uma representada da IntertechRio e um fabricante global de instrumentos de análise de processos industriais.

Seus sistemas são usados ​​principalmente para medir as concentrações químicas em tempo real em fluxos de processo líquidos ou gasosos, bem como parâmetros físicos como cor, poder calorífico e pureza. Todos os sistemas aderem ao projeto de estado sólido e usam espectroscopia de absorbância. Além disso, o AAI cria um condicionamento de amostra personalizado de acordo com as necessidades de cada aplicativo.

A Applied Analytics foi incorporada em 1994. Todos os nossos sistemas são fabricados nos EUA.

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Veja aqui Produtos da Applied Analytics

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Analisador Bancada por UV visível OMA-406

Functionally and electronically identical to the OMA-300UV-VIS, the solid state OMA-406R is designed to be rack-mounted. This turn-keyunit fits a standard 19' rack, providing typical OMA outputs including4-20mA, RS232, and Modbus (TCP/IP, Ethernet, serial). TheOMA-406R is often more suitable for laboratory environments but is occasionallyinstalled in shelters in the field. This system can be used with any AAI flowcell and/or...
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Invest in a higher caliber of ammonia slip analysis.
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Consumable-free total sulfur analysis for gaseous hydrocarbon streams.
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Our most experienced application. The OMA-300 H2S is AAI's most popular product. Chalk some of that up to the wide need for H2S monitoring across industries and continents, but there's a reason that this powerhouse is rapidly gaining ground over former industry standards.
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Analisador de misturas para até 5 gases – Mix 2000

AAI's next-generation digital gas mixer.   CLIQUE AQUI PARA BAIXAR O CATÁLOGO
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Analisador de processo a laser TDL-506

From AAI's Micrsopec family ofanalyzers, the solid state MCP-200 is a direct in-stream monitor designed fordynamic concentrations of IR-absorbing components (e.g. CO2 gas,water in various solvents). This compact analyzer uses a non-dispersiveinfrared detector and a proprietary optical path design for proven accuracy andrugged performance. The MCP-200 has an intuitive graphical user interface, including a'setup wizard' for painless setup and calibration. Fiber...
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Analisador de processo por IR não dispersivo MCP-200

From AAI's Micrsopec family of analyzers,the solid state MCP-200 is a direct in-stream monitor designed for dynamicconcentrations of IR-absorbing components (e.g. CO2 gas, water in various solvents). Thiscompact analyzer uses a non-dispersive infrared detector and a proprietaryoptical path design for proven accuracy and rugged performance. The MCP-200 has an intuitive graphical user interface, including a'setup wizard' for painless setup and...
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Analisador de processo por UV visível OMA-300

The OMA-300 is our flagship analyzer, the cornerstone of AAItechnology. This system is tailored to a variety of applications by virtue ofits fundamental design. The nova-II spectrometer houses 1,024 photodiodes, eachcontinuously measuring a distinct element in the UV-VIS spectrum. Ultra-finewavelength resolution delivers flexibility; the OMA full-spectrum advantage isenormous selectivity for species absorbance range and robust backgroundcorrection. The OMA-300's field reputation...
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Analisador de Tail Gas – TLG-837

The TLG-837 is AAI's solid state, in situ solution for online tail gas analysis in sulfur recovery applications. Built around the industrial-grade nova-II spectrometer, the TLG-837 simultaneously monitors dynamic concentrations of H2 S, SO2 , CS2, and COS in the Claus process stream. The critical point of innovation in this system lies in the sampling design. The patent-pending, in situ...
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Analisador de traços de impurezas – OMA-300

The OMA-300 CIP is a powerful tool for validating ubiquitousClean-in-Place procedures. Engineered precisely to monitor the UV absorbanceranges of trace impurities (i.e., active ingredients from previous processes)in methanol and water backgrounds, this system keeps a vigilant eye on washefficiency. Continuous online analysis adds a complete dimension ofdowntime reduction. The OMA-300 CIP optimizes production by signaling when awash cycle has stably...
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Accurate color monitoring so you can see process efficiency in finer shades.
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Analisador para produção de Semicondutores – OMA-300

The OMA-300Semiconductor Edition (SE) is a configuration of the OMA series designed tomonitor chemical composition at several yield-critical junctures in waferproduction. The various aqueous solutions used for cleaning and etching siliconwafers are precise mixtures; it follows that tight control over their chemicalratios provides a means of closely regulating parameters like etch speed andhealth/efficacy of wash solutions. Full-spectrumUV-VIS-SW-NIR absorbance measurement gives...
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