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Analisador de processo a laser TDL-506

From AAI's Micrsopec family ofanalyzers, the solid state MCP-200 is a direct in-stream monitor designed fordynamic concentrations of IR-absorbing components (e.g. CO2 gas,water in various solvents). This compact analyzer uses a non-dispersiveinfrared detector and a proprietary optical path design for proven accuracy andrugged performance. The MCP-200 has an intuitive graphical user interface, including a'setup wizard' for painless setup and calibration. Fiber...
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Analisador de processo por UV visível OMA-300

The OMA-300 is our flagship analyzer, the cornerstone of AAItechnology. This system is tailored to a variety of applications by virtue ofits fundamental design. The nova-II spectrometer houses 1,024 photodiodes, eachcontinuously measuring a distinct element in the UV-VIS spectrum. Ultra-finewavelength resolution delivers flexibility; the OMA full-spectrum advantage isenormous selectivity for species absorbance range and robust backgroundcorrection. The OMA-300's field reputation...
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