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Invest in a higher caliber of ammonia slip analysis.


Excessive ammonia slip downstream from NOX reduction reactions indicates waste of a costly substance. Furthermore, ammonia can create unwanted compounds like ammonium bisulfate (a maintenance nightmare), produce socially irresponsible emissions, and contaminate fly ash (ruining a profitable side economy).

The OMA-300 AS delivers dynamic ammonia slip monitoring, seamlessly accurate from low ppm up to problematic % levels. A powerful multi-component solution, the OMA-300 AS continuously watches UV absorbance in the 190-490nm region where ammonia, NO, and NO2 all have distinct structures; our proprietary over-determined regression algorithm isolates each species’ absorbance and provides elegant ammonia and NOX readings to the end user. Where excess ammonia levels are a signal to reduce ammonia injection, the presence of NOX indicates reduction inefficiency and catalyst bed failure.

Choose the OMA-300 AS for field-proven reliability, solid state ruggedness, and low-maintenance performance in ammonia slip and NOX analysis.

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