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Consumable-free total sulfur analysis for gaseous hydrocarbon streams.


Sulfur content in natural gas is an oft-cited parameter for improving product quality, distribution networks, and pollution control. The solid state TSA-100G continuously monitors total sulfur load in gaseous hydrocarbon processes. The core technology, diode array UV-VIS spectroscopy, endows this analyzer with the wavelength selectivity necessary for seamless dynamic range, measuring from % down to low ppm with industry-proven accuracy.
As a complete solution, the TSA-100G includes two mass flow controllers and a pyrolyzer working in tandem to combust all sulfur compounds in the stream sample into SO2. The oxidized sample is then fed into the flow cell, where the UV absorbance of SO2 is measured and correlated to exact total sulfur concentration. Where older, lead acetate tape-based analyzers continually burden users with consumable replacement, dilution ratio adjustment, and chronic downtime, the TSA-100G harnesses the elegance of UV absorbance measurement for a true set-and-observe experience.
Safeguard your product and your pipeline with the TSA-100G.

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