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The OMA-300 H2S is AAI’s most popular product. Chalk some of that up to the wide need for H2S monitoring across industries and continents, but there’s a reason that this powerhouse is rapidly gaining ground over former industry standards.


Accounting for interfering stream chemicals is the central consideration in engineering accurate H2S measurement. The OMA-300 H2S takes the proactive approach, monitoring each interfering compound (e.g. SO2, COS, mercaptans) alongside H2S as a peripheral component. Highly accurate multi-species analysis begins with the nova-II spectrometer, where 1,024 discrete photodiodes monitor UV absorbance in real time; AAI’s proprietary over-determined regression algorithm isolates each compound’s concentration from the composite absorbance.

The end result? H2S concentration is provided absolutely free from cross-interference and without any compromise in sample integrity. Challenging the dated tradition of lead acetate tape methods, the OMA-300 H2S showcases the elegance and unrivaled accuracy of diode array UV spectroscopy in hydrogen sulfide applications.

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