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Analisador da composição de misturas para até 5 gases – Mix 2000

AAI’s next-generation digital gas mixer.   CLIQUE AQUI PARA BAIXAR O CATÁLOGO
Analisador de misturas para até 5 gases – Mix 2000


The Mix-2000 uses cutting-edge thermal mass flow controllers to produce complex gas mixtures that are highly accurate and repeatable. Designed for use by scientists and laboratory personnel, this compact system includes a notebook PC running Windows XP (or later). The preloaded Mix-2000 software provides a streamlined interface where the user creates, saves, and programs custom gas mixtures.

This system allows mixing of up to five different gases simultaneously. Mixtures are configured based on final composition, so there’s no need to calculate flow rates. Rugged in construction and elegant in automation, the Mix-2000 is an ideal laboratory device.

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