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Analisador de Tail Gas – TLG-837

The TLG-837 is AAI’s solid state, in situ solution for online tail gas analysis in sulfur recovery applications. Built around the industrial-grade nova-II spectrometer, the TLG-837 simultaneously monitors dynamic concentrations of H2 S, SO2 , CS2, and COS in the Claus process stream.

The critical point of innovation in this system lies in the sampling design. The patent-pending, in situ demister probe condenses sulfur out of the process gas in a controlled manner, elegantly addressing the major vulnerability of most tail gas analyzers. Providing extremely fast response without compromising sample integrity, the probe vastly outperforms the clumsier sampling methods used widely in sulfur recovery.

Altogether, the TLG-837 packages relentless accuracy, set-and-forget reliability, and true automation–everything that modern sulfur recovery deserves.



Unrelenting in situ performance in the most severe SRUenvironments.

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