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Analisador de gases para produção de Semicondutores – OMA-300

The OMA-300Semiconductor Edition (SE) is a configuration of the OMA series designed tomonitor chemical composition at several yield-critical junctures in waferproduction. The various aqueous solutions used for cleaning and etching siliconwafers are precise mixtures; it follows that tight control over their chemicalratios provides a means of closely regulating parameters like etch speed andhealth/efficacy of wash solutions.

Full-spectrumUV-VIS-SW-NIR absorbance measurement gives the OMA-300 SE unrivaled accuracywhen it comes to fab chemistry. This system is engineered to continuouslymonitor the composition of RCA cleaning solutions, CMP slurries, wet etchants,and/or wastewater, measuring up to four stream components without anycross-interference. The OMA-300 SE can be easily configured to provide feedbackcontrol with automated valve operation to guarantee the health of theseprocess-critical solutions.

Semiconductorfabs are among the most strictly moderated manufacturing environments found inany industry. Let AAI technology safeguard your process with the samediligence.



State-of-the art monitoring for the industrythat defines state-of-the-art.

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