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• For extractive gas analysis
• For quality and process monitoring
• For contiuous concentration determination of single
gas components like e.g. H2, CO2, O2, He
• For the H2-measurement at heat treatment in the
metal industry
• For the H2-measurement in miniplants
• Precise and long-term stable thermal conductivity
• Independent of gas flow and gas pressure
• High sensitivity independent of the ambient temperature
• Fast response time (T90 approx. 1 s)
• Pressure resistant gas paths out of stainless steel
(10 bara)
• Robust tight aluminium housing (IP65)
• Small dimensions
• Linear signal output 4-20 mA
• Easy calibration with 2 potentiometers
• Factory configuration and calibration
FTC110-TRA (Thermal Conductivity Detector)


• Based on micromechanic silicon chip
• Detector mounted in a stainless steel housing
• Stainless steel housing and electronic mounted in a
sealed aluminium housing
• Operation of the detector with 2 heating elements
and a temperature sensor at constant 60°C
• Gas concentration corresponds to required compensation
energy, depending on cooling of the chip due
to varying thermal conductivity
• Especially good measuring results are achieved
under following conditions:
– at binary gas mixtures, e.g. CO2 in N2, O2 in
Ar or H2 in N2
– if only 2 gas components at multi component
mixtures vary in concentration, e.g. CO2 in air
– if the measured component has a significantly
different thermal conductivity than the remaining
gas components, e.g. H2, He, CO2 in air
or impurities in H2

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