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The Model Thermo-FID MK is a microprocessor based high temperature flame ionisation detector (FID) that continuously measures total hydrocarbons (THC) concentration under a wide variety of different process conditions. The MK uses an unique FID sensor design which allows an accurate and linear response due to precisely controlled mass flow conditions of sample gas and support gases such as hydrogen and burner air. The sample gas passes through a heated detector containing a hydrogen flame which burnes and ionises the hydrocarbons. An electrometer measures the resulting current flow. The ionisation current will be amplified and displayed either in ppm, mg/m3, g/m3, Vol. % or % LEL.
The instrument is approved according TÜV 17. BlmSchV, Mcerst and is compliant to EN 14181. The MK is designed to be installed directly onto the stack or process wall perfectly suitable for industrial monitoring. The MK comes with a heated sample tube to avoid condensation in the flange area and has an easy replaceable heated inlet filter. This filter can be back purged automatically as an option.


  • Directly duct or process mounted
  • Automatic start up
  • Automatic calibration
  • Automatic flame ignition
  • Automatic flue shut off
  • Built-in catalyst for burner air
  • Easy to use
  • TÜV and MCERTS approved

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