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Social responsibility in a stainless steel enclosure.

Compliance with environmental policy is becoming an increasingly difficult aspect of plant operation. AAI offers help in the cost-effective form of the OMA-300 CEM. Three complementary technologies are unified in this powerhouse system to provide a turn-key Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) analytical solution.

A standard OMA-300 CEM monitors SO2 and NOX (by nova-II UV-VIS spectrometer), CO and CO2 (by integrated MCP-200 infrared detector), and oxygen (by integrated TDL-506 tunable diode laser detector). Additionally, this instrument can be configured to monitor other CEM-related emissions, including H2S, CL2, COS, and CS2.

A close-coupled sample conditioning system is mounted directly on the process line, eliminating sample lines and all associated problems. An elegant sample extraction probe allows direct measurement of the hot, wet sample.

Don’t risk fines and downtime. Trust the OMA-300 CEM and field-proven multi-component accuracy.

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Applied Analytics

Modern industrial plants are typically required by law to measure and report the quantities of certain chemicals that they release to the atmosphere. As environmental regulations become increasingly stringent and ubiquitous, more plants worldwide will need adequate process analysis to guarantee compliance.

Government agencies such as the EPA and EEA have rigid criteria for Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) systems. Stipulations include the mandatory monitoring of emissions of SO2, NOX (generic term for NO and NO2), CO, CO2, and O2, as well as strictly regulated reporting of the concentrations thereof. While reducing emissions is a pressing environmental issue, it typically poses no direct financial benefit for the plant yet requires purchasing and servicing expensive equipment. Clearly, an ideal CEM system provides reliable compliance at minimal cost.

The OMA-300 CEM is a fully integrated powerhouse, monitoring dynamic concentrations of SO2, NOX, CO, CO2, and O2 all in one system. While this solution leads its class in multi-component accuracy, it remains cost-effective by virtue of competitive pricing, engineering innovation, and a field-earned reputation for low-maintenance performance.

The OMA-300 CEM unifies complementary spectroscopic technologies within a single turn-key system. The nova-II diode array spectrometer monitors the UV absorbance structures of SO2 and NOX, de-convoluting individual components from composite absorbance using proprietary regression algorithms. CO and CO2 are monitored by an integrated Microspec using IR absorbance. To complete the system, an integrated TDL-506, a VCSEL laser-based device, keeps a sharp eye on oxygen concentration. Concentration values from the complementary detectors are all provided cleanly on the unified display.

The painless, economical route to environmental compliance and public social responsibility begins as soon as your OMA-300 CEM is installed.

NOTE: Aside from measuring SO2, NOX, CO, CO2, and O2 in stack gas streams, the OMA-300 CEM can also be customized to monitor H2S, Cl2, COS, and CS2 emissions.

General Performance

Measurement Technology

A fully-integrated Continuous Emissions Monitoring solution.UV-VIS diode array spectrometer; IR non-dispersive; tunable diode laser

Sample Introduction

close-coupled sample conditioning system and probe


Measurement Range                   Accuracy                            Repeatability


20-1000 ppm                           ±1 % of measurement         ±1.0 %


0-1000 ppm                             ±1 % of measurement         ±1.0 %


0-500 ppm                               ±1 % of measurement         ±1.0 %


0-20 %                                      ±1 % of measurement         ±1.0 %


0-25 %                                      ±1 % of measurement         ±1.0 %

Response Time (T10– T90)


Zero Drift

±0.1 % after 1hr warm-up, measured over 24hrs (constant ambient temp.)


±0.1 % full scale


factory calibrated with certified calibration gases


easy verification/validation with standard certified gas samples


0.004AU at 220 nm

Operating Conditions

Ambient Temperature

-20 to 50 °C (0 – 120 °F)

Instrument Air

70 psi (-40 °C dew point)


indoor/outdoor (no shelter required)


Wetted Materials

stainless steel 316/316L


one 4-20mA output per component (SO 2, NOX, CO, CO2, and O2); modbus TCP/IP (op- tional); RS232 (optional); four digital outputs for fault and sampling system control (user programmable)

Electrical Requirements

100 to 240 VAC 47 to 63 Hz

Power Consumption

60 watts (minimum)

Area Classification

Class I, Div. 2 (optional) / Class I, Div. 1 (optional) / ATEX Exp II 2(2) GD (optional)


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